★ Teacher Induction Program Proposed Activities
● Placement of Teacher Induction Program in the Career Progression and alignment with LDM2 Course
● Reorganization of the TIP Courses and preparation for Recognition
● Finalization of the TIP Implementing Guidelines and Guide for Mentors and Newly-Hired Teachers
● Proposed Onboarding cum Launching of the Enhanced TIP

★Teaching Grammar Communicatively in the Philippines (TGC) English Proficiency Program for Master and Head Teachers and Supervisors
● Region Based Echo Seminar of the TGCIP (December 13-15 2021)

★Learning and Delivery Modality Courses
● Issuance of Certificate of Participation to LDM 1 and 2 pre-implementation module completers
● Issuance of Certificate of Completion to LDM 1 and 2 practicums

● Parent Engagement Series for Teachers
● Exploring Parental Engagement Practice in School (Parts 1 & 2)
● Building a Strong Culture of Parent-School Partnership (Parts 1 & 2)

● Leadership and Management
● Coaching and Mentoring
● Instructional Supervision
● Facilitation